Teen Falls a Dollar Short of a $ 100,000 Win on Jeopardy Game

Talk about being a dollar short. Alec Fischthal suffered the “agony of defeat” when he realized his total winnings fell a dollar short of the grand prize on Jeopardy’s Teen Tournament.

Fox News reported that Fischthal who was in competition with two other teen competitors playing the “Jeopardy Teen Tournament, last Tuesday night, missed the grand prize of  $100,000, by a buck.

All three teens answered the final Jeopardy question correctly but their totals were added to the previous day’s winnings, which caused the monetary shortage for Fischthal.

Host Alex Trebek called the game, “The best one in a long, long time.

Fischthal still walked away with a second prize of $ 50,000, with the $100,000 big money going to Sharath Narayan. $25,000 for third place went to Michael Borecki.


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