Ten Miles of AZ Border Unguarded For Two Days

United States border fence, US/Mexico border, east of Nogales, Arizona, USA, viewed from US side

Shortage of Border Patrol Agents Puts Nation At Risk

A 10-mile stretch of the Arizona border with Mexico was left unmanned for two days, allowing criminal cartel members to cut a hole in the fence, drive two vehicles into the U.S. and escape, according to the head of the national Border Patrol union.

Brandon Judd, president of the 16,500-member National Border Patrol Council, told Congress that surveillance cameras spotted the two vehicles inside the U.S.

Agents who investigated found tracks indicating the vehicles had entered through the hole.   The cartel members put the fence back up and tried to hide the cuts they made, Judd said.

“The scariest part of those vehicles entering into the United States is we don’t know what was in those vehicles. We have no idea,” Judd testified Wednesday during a House hearing in Washington, D.C.

Judd said the stretch of border in Arizona was left unmanned because the Border Patrol doesn’t have enough agents. He said the incident was confirmed in management reports but he did not specify the exact location of the incident. Arizona’s border with Mexico is 372.5 miles long.

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