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President Trump appeared on Fox News Monday evening to speak with host Tucker Carlson about a variety of topics, one of them being the homeless crisis here in the US.  Not knowing the topic was going to be discussed, the answers given by the president made him appear less than fully informed on the issue.

All day today on social media and on TV, the liberal media and Democrats have been ripping Trump apart for issuing comments they say are “insensitive”, and in some cases factually incorrect.  Others are pointing out that Trump said “the problem started two years ago.”  The Democrats are spinning those comments against Trump by suggesting he is admitting that his tax cuts helped only the rich, which is false.

“We have to help Trump get up to speed fast or the Dems will destroy him over this interview,” wrote one DML News App reader.  She has a good point. The president and his core team of advisors are so busy dealing with so many issues both foreign and domestic, that Trump has not launched a single tweet about homelessness since taking office.  But that doesn’t mean Trump doesn’t care!

Trump, like all presidents before him, is often left to rely solely on his administration to fill him in on the fine details.  But according to my top contact in DC, there is not one person within the higher levels of this administration assigned to focus exclusively on the the issue of homelessness.  “There are people this president wants to hire but it’s total gridlock, there are good applicants still waiting to be approved by the Democrats,” said my contact.  “We can’t blame Trump.”

My contact is correct.  Have you ever seen a president walk inside a homeless encampment?  Of course not, he sends in his team. But without a team at his disposal, how is he to know what’s really going on. To make matters worse, the mainstream media never shines a real light on the issue.  So how can we help the president?

I have received countless emails from DML News App readers and members of urging me to activate the “FREE DVD” program despite the fact that we only released the film a few weeks ago.  Caring as much as I do about the issue, and working as hard as I am to help Trump win 2020, I have to agree with them.

My film UNITED STATES of TENTS shines a real light on the homeless issue like no other film before it!  Mothers, children, veterans, young people, old people, and Americans of all colors from coast to coast are facing the problem of homelessness.  Many of them are holding full time jobs.

We have to help the president and his team get better information on the issue.  Therefore, I am launching the always effective FREE DVD program that I’ve operated for more than a decade.  In the past, my FREE DVD program has helped inform lawmakers about what is really happening at the border and with mass immigration nationwide.   Now it’s time to do the same for homelessness.

I ask you to click this link to see the president’s interview about homelessness, and to learn how you can help the president TODAY!  Help him quickly become better informed on the issue before the election cycle gets heated.  Nobody in the media wants Trump to succeed, so we need to help him.  CLICK THIS LINK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FREE DVD PROGRAM and TO SEE TRUMP’s INTERVIEW.

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  1. The homelessness situation is mostly consuming liberal cities. How dare these Dump•the•rats say one negative word about Trump and this topic! They couldn’t care less about the homeless.

  2. I believe the homeless issue ties directly to illegal immigration. We have a 22,000,000,000,000+ debt growing daily, homeless in the street, do we really need more needy illegal aliens?


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