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As if the problems at JFK airport in New York City weren’t bad enough already, it got even worse Sunday afternoon when a major water line break forced the evacuation of the Terminal 4 arrival area.

As water poured down from the ceilings, the floor became flooded, suitcases were soaked, and the power and heat were shut off.

Airport workers, along with law enforcement officials, were seen working to get the water off the flooded floors. The entire terminal had to be evacuated, as airport workers warned that exposed wires could pose a risk of electrocution.

Arriving passengers were not happy.

“The power is out, the terminal is flooded and it’s absolute chaos,” said Mohammed Ghlai, a 48-year-old visiting from London. “This is my first time visiting New York, and I have to tell you, this has not been a very positive introduction,” he added grimly.

“I get off the plane and walk into a flood. What is this?” said Diego Riviera, who had just arrived with his wife from Panama City.

“This is absolutely insane,” said Long Islander Ashley Ross, who had waited over 5 hours for her bags after a trip in Cancun.

“An airport isn’t supposed to be this way,” said Craig Monteith, 24, as he waited for his bags. “Particularly this airport, which should be the very model of what a modern airport can be. Come on!”

The troubles started Thursday with the “bomb cyclone” hit the city, causing the cancellation of more than a thousand flights and creating mass chaos. Sunday, 352 flights were delayed and 46 were cancelled.

Then the water line broke. Just when they thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did.

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