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An Israeli man was indicted on Monday on charges related to publishing virulent anti-Arab posts on Facebook, including incitement to violence, incitement to racism and support for a terror organization.

Zohar Zuaretz, 33, a Jewish resident of Petah Tikva in central Israel, published numerous Facebook posts between 2012 and 2017, calling for acts of violence to be perpetrated against Arabs and Israeli security forces. Despite being arrested and questioned several times regarding his posts, he continued his behavior, The Times of Israel reported.

In his social media posts, Zuaretz called for the extermination of millions of Arabs in retaliation for attacks against Israelis.

In one post, Zuarets described a dream he had in which he decapitated Arab babies.

“Wow, what a dream I had! I go into a hospital’s maternity ward and there are all the cradles with babies inside. I draw out a butcher knife from my coat and go to every baby and if it’s Arab, I decapitate it. Wherever there is a Jewish baby I place Tikkun HaKlali [a religious Jewish book also known as The General Remedy]. The rosiest dream I’ve ever had!”

Other posts published by Zuaretz, who had more than a thousand followers on Facebook, included “May all Arabs and left-wingers be burned!” and “How did we not think of establishing a ‘price tag’ political party,” a reference to anti-Arab hate crimes.

“Dear Jews! It is time for a holy war — go out and slaughter all the Arabs with anything you can find! Revenge!” Zuaretz wrote in one of his posts, purportedly following a terror attack against Israelis.

“For every murdered Jew, we need to avenge an entire people responsible for harming him! For a single Jew to live we are required to exterminate entire peoples, even millions of people!” he wrote.

Also cited in the indictment was a post Zuaretz made against the IDF following the conviction of Elor Azaria, a soldier who fatally shot an already subdued Palestinian assailant in Hebron in March 2016.

“A true Jew does not enlist in the evil, infidel’s army. Go and do things alone. It’s time to start a rebellion. I’m expecting all the soldiers to defect and direct their weapons in the right direction,” he wrote.

Prosecutors concluded that Zuaretz represented a “clear risk of continuing criminal offenses on the internet, which would endanger the security of the Arab community and security forces.”

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