Another Terrorist To Leave Gitmo Bay

Former al-Qaeda member went on hunger strike at Gitmo – military has been force-feeding him daily, so he doesn’t die. In 2013, President Obama, referring to the hunger strikers at the prison, said he didn’t want those “individuals to die.”

The Pentagon has announced plans to “resettle” about a dozen prisoners from Guantanamo Bay to at least two other countries within the coming days and weeks, including a Yemeni man who has been on hunger strike since 2007 and had lost about half his body weight, U.S. officials said.

The best known of the detainees expected to be resettled in the coming weeks is Tariq Ba Odah, a 37-year-old Yemeni, whom the military has been force-feeding daily. That involves guards strapping him down, putting a rubber tube down his nose and pumping a liquid dietary supplement into his stomach. Last year, Ba Odah’s weight dipped to 74 pounds.

Finding a country to accept him was a priority for the administration because of concerns that he could die in American custody.

The military has said his condition is dangerous but clinically stable, an assessment medical experts working with Ba Odah’s lawyers have disputed. They warned he could die.





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