Texas Cutting Services For Disabled Kids From State Budget

Effective December 15, Texas has quietly announced it is moving forward with a plan to chop out $350 million from the budget in Medicaid services for disabled children.

The Medicaid reimbursement rate cut is the money that pays for pediatric therapists who treat toddler and babies with disabilities, affecting some 60,000 children.

The cut was ordered in 2015, and a group of Texas citizens had filed a lawsuit trying to block it from taking effect, but the Texas Supreme Court refused to hear the case in September, leaving in place a lower court’s ruling that the lawsuit lacked merit, reported Texas Tribune.

It is estimated that many providers will have to lose their businesses because of the cut, a claim the state’s Health and Human Services Commission is denying, as they claim that in-home therapy providers were overpaid by Medicaid.

Stephanie Rubin, an executive with the advocacy group Texans Care for Children said in a statement, “This is terrible news for Texas kids with disabilities and developmental delays and their families.  Kids with autism, speech delays, Down syndrome, and other disabilities and delays rely on these therapies to learn to walk, communicate with their families, get ready for school, and meet other goals.”

Rubin called for Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and state lawsmakers to block the cuts.  “Our most vulnerable children and their struggling families should not bear the brunt of this shortsighted and cruel budget decision,” Rubin said. “Texans are watching to see what state leaders do to protect services for these kids.”

While Texas is cutting money out of their budget for services to disabled children, illegal aliens continue to pour across the border, and illegal children are pouring into Texas schools.

In the month of October alone, the Obama administration released another 6,051 unaccompanied illegal children into communities across America.

In 2013, FAIR estimated that illegal immigration cost Texas taxpayers about $12.1 billion annually.

Any Baby Can is one agency that will be affected by this cut.


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