Texas Most Wanted List Falsely Lists All Suspects As White

All of the fugitives featured on the Texas Most Wanted list are categorized as “White,” but based on names, mugshots and gang affiliations, anyone can clearly see that all but one are actually Hispanic.

The Bureau of Justice does not use the same criteria to categorize perpetrators as they do victims, when listing race and ethnicity.   

Perpetrators are listed in four racial categories: black, white, Asian and Native American.   Hispanics are thrown into the “white” category.

Victims are separated into four categories: black, white, Hispanic and other.

A commentator in a Trump supporters blog made the sharp observation this week, pointing out that “This obviously makes it appear that whites are responsible for a much greater share of violence than is actually the case.”

It also doesn’t allow any statistics for Hispanics who commit crimes.

Below are the Texas 10 most wanted fugitives:

Crime TX Most Wanted1 Crime TX Most Wanted2


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