Texas Official Explains Why The Polls Are Wrong

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller appeared on Fox News on Sunday to explain why he believes the polls are inaccurate in the 2016 presidential election.

Miller believes that the people that are coming out to vote aren’t Hillary supporters, but instead the “untapped masses out there that have never registered to vote, or if they have it’s been 8 or 10 elections, and they aren’t in the polls.”

Miller then went on to say that the polls are wrong and they are “oversampling Democrats from 8 to 16 percent, they are oversampling women 5-8 percent, and under sampling Republicans.”

In addition to the demographics listed above, Miller believes the polls are under sampling the 25 percent of the electorate that have never voted before that are all fans of Donald Trump.

Miller is confident that Trump will win the election come November 8th and his appearance on Fox can be seen below:


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