The Battle for Silicon Valley – USA vs. China

The war over “cyberwarfare services” between the Pentagon and China is heating up.  Profits win over national security.  

Many Silicon Valley companies say it’s too difficult to work with the Pentagon, and are fearful that embracing the US government too tightly could cost them huge profits in the Chinese market.    In the past, the US government has led the way in technology and security operations.  Now the private sector – and the Chinese – are taking over.

In order to modernize national security operations, the US Department of Defense has been trying to woo Silicon Valley, but technology companies aren’t being so accommodating, as they rely on China for both their supply chain and large customer base.

Peter Singer, of the New America Foundation, said, “China’s hi-tech military capabilities – including the world’s fastest supercomputer, a soon-to-launch “unhackable” quantum communications satellite, a hypersonic weapons programme and armed ground robotics – have left the United States trying to play catch-up.”


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