The “JV Team” Just Killed An American Marine in Iraq

A rocket fired by ISIS has landed near Makhmur, Iraq within the past 24 hours, killing an American Marine.

The Marine’s name has not yet been released.  He is the second American killed fighting ISIS since August 2014.   The Pentagon is expected to make an announcement today.

ISIS 7_rocket

According to a FOX News report, Obama has authorized the deployment of 1,500 additional troops to Iraq.  ISIS has gained so much territory in Iraq and Syria that Obama has decided to send in more US troops to train and advise Iraqi forces.    Some Republicans are saying that’s not nearly enough to eliminate ISIS.   Senator Lindsey Graham said at least 10,000 troops are needed, plus equipment.   Obama is requesting $5.6 billion additional funds from congress for the war against ISIS.

Thursday, March 17th, Secretary of State John Kerry finally officially stated that ISIS is guilty of genocide.

Officials are questioning why ISIS was allowed to gain so much ground and power before serious attempts to stop them were initiated.


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