The Kremlin and Clinton Campaign Chairman

What is there to be said about a person who accuses another of stealing cookies out of a jar, when she, herself, already has her hand in it?

The Clinton campaign has recently been firing shots at Team Trump for their supposed ties with the Kremlin, when Clinton’s own campaign chairman, John Podesta, has been shown to have several links with Russia.

Despite this fact, no one is talking about Podesta’s connection with a lobbyist group he founded, the Pedestal group, who has lobbied for the interests of Sberbank, the U.S. subsidiary of the Russian state-held bank. The New York Observer has labeled Sberbank as “the Kremlin,” due to the remarks of a retired senior U.S. intelligence official.

On top of that, the Podesta Group is currently under investigation by the FBI and the Justice Department for aiding a once pro-Kremlin Ukranian president, Viktor Yanukovych. Despite Podesta’s seperation in the past several years, he has still managed to foster relationships with the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine, a non-profit that the Los Angeles Times exposed in 2012 as having a strong “pro-Kremlin slant.”


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