The Largest American Flag Mural is in This State…

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A recently painted American flag mural was confirmed this week by the Guinness World Records to be the largest flag mural in the world. It was painted on a marina in Destin, Florida.

The mural, which measures 554 feet by 299 feet — or just a tad shy of three football fields — was painted by Robert Wyland, an artist known for his marine paintings, according to Northwest Florida Daily News.

The flag was originally painted in 2004 at Legendary Marina in Destin, Fla., near Eglin Air Force Base. In 2015, the mural was expanded and dedicated to the U.S. military and first responders.

“When we painted the first flag in 2001, it was only painted on the north end of the roof,” Peter Bos, Legendary’s owner. “Impressive as it was, I wished we could have done more to show our appreciation to all those that keep our nation and ourselves safe and free.”

The flag was brought to life by Wyland, the Wyland Foundation, Legendary and Sherwin Williams.


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