By Dennis Michael Lynch
Aug 4

During my 2014 speaking tour I was asked time and again, “DML, who would you support for president in 2016?”  My answer: “Donald Trump.”

Long before Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, I knew America wanted an outsider with business experience.  The perfect candidate would be a person who tells it like it is — a person who won’t apologize for believing the country needs a heavy dose of tough love.  Trump, despite his over-sized ego and less-than-successful marital history, offered that sort of candidacy.

I knew Trump had what it takes to win.  He had the name recognition and celebrity needed to spark voter interest, he had a strong understanding of TV and media, he had a history of being unapologetic, and he was a master at dominating the headlines.  Most importantly, he was well-versed when it comes to business, creating jobs, and igniting the economy.  With wages down and joblessness growing like a cancer, I knew voters would listen to what Trump had to say.

And then, on the day he announced, when he lashed out at illegal immigration, I knew he’d win the nomination in a landslide.  How right I was!

The 2016 presidential election should be an absolute layup for Republicans.  The fact that so many people flooded to a socialist like Bernie Sanders is proof that the Left agrees with the Right in its opposition to Bill and Hillary.   

Obama 44 072216Notwithstanding the extreme Left, I feel that Americans of all religions, sex, race, and party affiliations have had enough of Obama’s policies and thus, stand ready to give the Republicans another crack at bringing back the Reagan years. 

To support my claim, look at the lopsided 2014 elections. Obama’s 6 horrific years in office pushed blue states to vote for Republican governors, and voters across America handed over the House and Senate to the GOP in epic fashion.  That said, with Hillary as the Democratic nominee, the Republican candidate for president should be sunbathing in the Hamptons right now with a 10-point lead. But it’s not the case. 

According to a recent poll published by Fox News, Hillary has a 10-point lead over Trump, and I fear the lead will grow bigger.  My reason for concern is because the billionaire businessman doesn’t know how to fish for tuna.

Imagine the best lobsterman on the entire east coast entering a tuna-fishing contest in Hawaii.  Should the lobsterman bring his lobster cage to catch a tuna?  No, of course not.  He is fishing in new waters and the prize is a much bigger fish that requires much bigger bait cast by an entirely different tool.  But for some reason Trump doesn’t see this.  Trump is bringing his cage to the tuna contest because the cage is all he knows.

During the primaries Trump was one lobsterman amid 17 lobstermen fishing in a bay.  His elbow-swinging tactics and harsh one-liners did the trick.  His cage caught the most attention from voters, his bait lured the lights and cameras, and he navigated the anti-Obama crowd to his rallies.  Trump mastered the cage and it won him the nomination.  But now it’s time to fish for the undecided voters who will decide the election.  These voters are like the big tuna who swim in the ocean.  But to hook them Trump has to out-fish the liberal media who for some reason put the great white shark (Hillary) in front of the tuna.

Clinton is better financed than Jeb; she is more cunning than Cruz; she has a better staff than Rubio; and she has more supporters in the media than Dr. Carson had fans from the Tea Party.  

Trump’s inability to fish for tuna is killing his campaign, and to be completely honest, he has caught me off guard.  I thought he’d adapt by now.  I can’t understand why he continues to use his lobster cage.  Obviously, he isn’t catching a damn thing! 

Some of the pro-Trump pundits and self-proclaimed know-it-alls say it all comes down to the debates.  No, it does not — they are wrong, again. 

The debates are too late.  If Hillary holds on to a 10-point lead, and if Gary Johnson is permitted to participate in the debates, then Trump is dead in the water.

As I see it, Trump has a few days, at best, to right the ship.  Assuming he does, he then has 40-days to chip away at Hillary’s ten-point lead.  Here is how he does it:

1) Trump must stop talking about Mr. Khan.  Move on.

2) Trump must stop talking about yesterday.  He must focus on tomorrow.

3) Trump must stop taking every interview offered to him.

4) Trump needs to explain why he isn’t endorsing McCain or Ryan in their respective primaries.  And the REASON SHOULD BE that Trump believes the voters must decide the outcome on their own.  But he should punctuate the statement by saying that if either of the men do win, that he will support them each in November for as long as they abandon their current stance on legalizing illegal aliens.  Otherwise, he doesn’t endorse either of them.

5) He needs to fire Paul Manafort who (a) allowed Ted Cruz to take the stage at the DNC, (b) allowed Melania Trump to read a speech filled with similar comments made by Michele Obama, and (c) gives off the sort of impression one gets from the shady manager at a used car lot. 

Based on what I see, Trump does not hold the sort of respect for Manafort that a candidate must hold for his or her campaign manager.  In my opinion, the only way to save his campaign is by hiring the ONLY person who Trump will listen to.  And that person is his daughter, Ivanka. 

Ivanka is Trump’s greatest weapon.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 9.35.47 PMMedia personalities do not dare slam Ivanka.  And if they do it never sticks. She is graceful, smart, well-spoken and more importantly, she has her father’s ear. 

The minute he fires Manafort and hires Ivanka, Trump immediately moves the narrative away from Mr. Khan, and Paul Ryan, and all the ugliness of the past two weeks.

Once he announces her as campaign manager,  he and she must disappear for two-days. Meaning, they do not speak to the press, and they do not blast out a single tweet unless it’s in relation to breaking news.  This makes the press hungry for what they love to eat.  Meanwhile, Trump stays silent and regroups.

And then, with his tuna pole in hand, on the 3rd day Trump returns to the stump.  He showers voters with the stuff that matters (ISIS, jobs, immigration, and trade deals).  He speaks from a teleprompter and he speaks for no more than 15-minutes.  He shakes a few hands and then walks off the stage leaving the media in a frenzy because the only bait they have to chew on is a list of strong sound bites from a strong leader who is determined to make America great again.

From that day forward it’s always the same routine, and Ivanka is always by her father’s side.  She stands there with a timer and ensures her father talks for no more than 15-minutes at a rally.  During his limited TV interviews, she is off camera when he is on camera — but she remains in clear view.  She provides the eye-to-eye support he needs to keep him focused on the issues.   (Side note… she alone selects the interviews he does and does not do.)

I mean no disrespect to Mr. Trump, nor am I losing sight of his amazing accomplishment by winning the nomination, but the ocean is much bigger than the bay, and it’s clear Trump is having a hard time adjusting. Remember, Hillary has been lurking these waters for 40-years.  She’s a killer out for blood.

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