Although Donald Trump took a huge leap towards the GOP nomination by winning big in New York, he still faces a fierce competitor in Senator Cruz.

There is a way to completely dismantle the Cruz campaign, but it requires Trump to play a new tune. If he plays it correctly, there is no doubt he wins the nomination.

For the past 9 months, Donald Trump has kept himself on top by pushing down on his competitors. Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina can attest to how starting a battle with Trump will attract cameras and lights. Truth is, Trump’s challengers purposely called him out knowing he would push down on them. Although Trump’s tweets and harsh-words are often brutal and painful, it’s the only way of grabbing headlines for themselves. But because Trump will say things others will not, he always wins the battle.

That said, after his huge win in NY, Trump can set himself on cruise control for as long as he controls Cruz. And the way to control Cruz is to make him irrelevant. Trump does this by declaring victory even though victory is still a work in progress. And the way to declare victory is for Trump to ignore Cruz and focus entirely on pushing down on one person: Hillary Clinton.

If Trump does this, Cruz will begin to lose media coverage. Thus, people who once doubted Trump will have no option other than to believe Trump is the only person who can beat Clinton. This will force Cruz to get sloppy. He will try to bring attention to himself by launching a parade of vicious assaults on Trump. In doing so he will appear desperate. And so the smart move by Trump is to not respond.

In a media-driven world perception is often mistaken for reality, everything going forward will hinge on Trump creating the perception he is the nominee in waiting. The Cruz campaign will be crushed without Trump blasting out a single negative tweet.


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