The ‘Softening’ of the GOP Towards Trump

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UPDATE 04/15/16  4:05pm EST     Karl Rove says Politico article not entirely accurate.   See video below.

Karl Rove’s PAC is warming up to Trump, concluding that Trump’s prospects aren’t as bleak as many believe.  “If he’s the guy, we can do something to stop Hillary.”

Publicly, Karl Rove hasn’t always been nice to Donald Trump – he’s called Trump a “petty man consumed by resentment and bitterness”, with almost no chance of beating Hillary Clinton.  But the ice is beginning to thaw, as Rove’s super PAC has been suggesting to donors that it can help Trump win the White House.  

[pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]A high-level member of the Koch brothers’ conservative advocacy network described the conversation as “a softening of the anti-Trump position” within the big-money GOP establishment, and said of Crossroads’ position on Trump, “It’s not that they support him, only that if he’s the guy, we can do something to stop Hillary.”[/pullquote]

Politico reports that the apparent warming of the American Crossroads super PAC and its sister groups to Trump has become evident in its recent communications with donors, including a Tuesday afternoon “investor conference call,” according to multiple sources familiar with the outreach.   Reportedly, Crossroads had laid out swing state polling and electoral map analysis showing circumstances where Trump could beat Clinton.

Says Politico: As word of Crossroads’ recent calibration circulated within the GOP big-money circles, it raised hackles from operatives who are still working fervently to block Trump from the nomination. They fretted that Crossroads’ positioning presaged cracks in the establishment’s anti-Trump front, and could dissuade major donors from giving to efforts to stop Trump — or worse: Those donors might warm up to the idea of a Trump nomination, and start writing big checks to support him.

Crossroads spokesman Ian Prior rejected suggestions that the group, which is officially neutral in the GOP presidential primary, is supporting Trump.   Rather, he said, Crossroads in recent weeks has merely been studying the race more closely, assessing ways to defeat Clinton, and increasingly concluding that Trump’s prospects aren’t as bleak as many believe.



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