Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the GOP Convention on Wednesday night.   Cruz spoke passionately about a police officer who was killed in Dallas.  It was touching.  He spoke about many things conservatives can agree on regarding ISIS, immigration, education and small government.  He urged conservatives to vote in November.  The crowd screamed for Cruz to endorse Trump.  But his speech fell short.

Cruz started his speech congratulating Trump for winning the nomination.  And as I predicted he spent his time slamming Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the policies of the left.  But overall he tried to position himself for 2020 or 2024.

What he failed to do was provide an endorsement for Donald Trump. Ted’s failure to endorse Trump was a mistake, and it reflects a man who is short on class.  Ultimately, Cruz buried himself — he will never win the Republican nomination for president in the future, especially if Trump loses to Hillary.

So to answer the question, “What did he do?”  The answer is Ted hurt his own party.  I find it disgusting that he would treat Trump and all that support him with such a lack of respect.   His self-serving rhetoric and combative attitude is representative of why Americans hate politicians.   Cruz cares about his own future, he is a victim to his own ego, and he cares less about you and your children.  He wants Hillary to win.


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