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  1. That is certainly an issue, DML, but this is only one part of the cake. The whole problem lays in the way the society is evolving. There is a lot of individuation going on. People live together but thanks to social media and smartphones and tablets, they are cut from one another. There is no more communication. People are left alone growing up with their problems. And who is the guy who’s gonna save you then? The psych! Just, the psych can’t save you. Most of them don’t have a clue and instead of finding the real whys, they will label you with any kind of so called chemical imbalance (hoax, never proven) and prescribe you drugs. THESE drugs are no solution either, just a try to handle the symptoms. But they NEVER cure the cause. What they do is they cut even more the communication between the areas that cause you problems and you as a being, your consciousness. So after a while on it, or even worse, when trying to go off it after a while, you get mad. You can not differentiate any longer between right and wrong. Because you’re just a robot. Your feelings are gone. Your perceptions are buried down lots of drugs. You don’t even feel anything while killing people. And of course on top of that, if you’ve been gaming all the time, you know straight what to do to kill people. You just do the drill, as you’ve been doing every single day for hours on your gaming device. But the difference is, now it is reality. But you’ve totally lost the conscience of reality thanks to the games and the psych drugs. And here it goes…
    Hope it helps…

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