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  1. Funny thing, the minute u started talking bout Facebook, u froze and I couldn’t get u back.

  2. Wow, DML, how did you get so smart. Not complaining just astonished at how u can predict these things. I remember when FB started bashing you and how frustrating it was for all of your followers. I have been following about the time you started the walk/talks. I have never regretted that I was lucky enough to discover you back then. I was so confused with politics and you helped me understand so much. For that alone I thank you. There are so many things i thank you for about our politics. I often wonder why you can explain things to people like me so that we can understand and others have no clue. THANK YOU. I can’t tell you how much I admire you and your down to earth personality.

    Many times I wanted to give you a hug during the mess with FB and then your health last summer. One of the best memories this old lady has had in recent years was the day i finally got to HUG you back in May at The Hermitage in Nashville. That made my year. I can’t always find you but i listen to each walk/sit – might be a day or two late but i do listen. I share on FB and like each one. I always share Miss Mary’s post. Keep working for all of us.

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