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  1. Loved everything you said on July 2, 2018 !! You are so right about all you said 😲 Wow I am with you all the way DML!! Keep up the Make America Great Again!! God Bless you & the DML TeamπŸ™ God BLess your Family DMLπŸ™β€οΈ

  2. It seems that some want to protect the illegals rather than the AMERICAN citizens. Our local news just reported that a man from china (been here 11 years) was call to Immigration office a week ago and his family has not heard from him. The community is all upset because they said he was just trying to do what was right and get his “green” card. My question is (and i guess i sound heartless) why did it take him 11 years to seek the green card. He has a business here in Nashville. so how did he get a business license, does he pay taxes etc etc. But his family is on tv station crying and begging for him to be found. I guess I am unsympathetic to those who come have children and business for 11 years in our country AND then apply for a “green” card. Is that the way it is suppose to happen. Sorry, my sympathy is with those families living in card board boxes, the vet living on the street. NOTHING is said about those people except by you DML. Keep doing what you are doing.

  3. This distinction is that if you are a Legal Citizen, you Get to Work Hard as a Slave FOR the World / ILLEGALS / REFUGES, to get FREEBEES! πŸ™ The Congressmen and women don’t seem to be working for the people that pay them, but work for ILLEGALS and other for mentioned People! God help us get out of this mess! My children and those in their age group seem to be the lost generation of America Citizens, their DREAMS don’t seem to matter! πŸ™ The first group doing worst than their Parents and Grandparents before them ! πŸ™ Working 2 jobs and barely getting by and not eligible for any federal aid, so us Senior American Citizens have to help them if we can! There is something VERY WRONG With THIS! πŸ™ God Bless President Trump and ALL that work to Protect America and HER Citizens! They are trying to change this.

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