The U.S. Swimmers are Being Criminally Charged for “Making Up” Robbery Story

The final week of the Summer Games in Rio has officially become a secondary interest compared to the overshadowing and escalating case of the U.S. swimmers and their alleged robbery story.

Brazilian police Wednesday night removed US swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz from a plane that was returning to America on the grounds that the robbery story they gave to authorities along with Ryan Lochte was fabricated. Thankfully for Lochte, he made it back to the U.S.

However, on Thursday the police of Rio de Janeiro officially indicted the U.S. Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen for “falsely reporting a crime.”

Conger and Bentz were not indicted because they did not speak to police until Wednesday, when they were pulled off that US-bound flight, and never claimed they had been robbed. While Lochte is in the US, Feigen’s whereabouts is unknown.

At a press conference earlier Thursday, Rio police referenced security camera footage to claim the athletes were not robbed, but instead vandalized a gas station bathroom. Under Brazilian law, a judge still must decide whether to accept the police indictment, which is punishable by a fine. Or worse: six months in prison. However, if the judge does not accept the indictment, the case will be dropped.


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