UN Giving Nearly $1 Billion to HELP REFUGEES without APPROVAL

With the refugee crisis spiraling out of control in Europe, the United Nations has taken it upon themselves to begin lending out millions of dollars in handouts to private organizations and national governments. The handouts have not been verified by an oversight committee.

More than $400 million of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees money was handed over  to partners last year. The UNHCR was doing relatively nothing to monitor how well the partners were handling its procurement money, and where they were actually applying this money.

“It identifies serious problems in  UNHCR that could lead to serious lapses in terms of fraud,” Brett Schaefer, an expert on U.N. finances at the conservative Heritage Foundation, declared. This came at a time when U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon himself has been calling for vastly greater spending and efforts by wealthy countries to combat the refugee crisis.

Furthermore, the head of UNHCR during the period covered by the watchdog report that discovered the unverified handouts was Antonio Guterres, a Socialist former Prime Minister of Portugal who has declared himself a candidate for Ban’s job when the Secretary General leaves office at the end of 2016.


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