This Coach Will Bench Any Player Who Protests the National Anthem

These last few weeks, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has been a headlines topic due to his protests of kneeling or sitting down during the national anthem before his team’s preseason games. This apparent protest is meant to apparently draw attention to police brutality in America, with other sports figure stars following suit like Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane and American soccer player Megan Rapinoe.

However, one athletics coach will not be allowing his players to follow this disrespectful trend: Team USA hockey coach John Tortorella. The vocally patriotic head coach participating in the World Cup of Hockey made it abundantly clear to ESPN’s Linda Cohn on Tuesday that he will not tolerate players skipping out on the national anthem.

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“If any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit there the rest of the game,” Tortorella said.

Tortorella’s stern warning makes it clear that he doesn’t want any anti-cop agendas taking over during the World Cup. It will be interesting to see if Tortorella stands by his word, especially if some of his best players choose to protest. It could make for an interesting hockey season.






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