This Major Store Chain Just Tricked Its Customers with Bumped Up Prices

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The prices of prized Starbucks coffee is going up, and of course, no one is happy about it. However, the way Starbucks initiated the price bumps was a rather lowballing.

Initially, in a recent press statement, Starbucks announced there was a computer glitch and malfunction that overcharged its customers upon purchase of their desired coffee product. The prices of the products were hiked up by an average of 30 cents.

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However, what’s more troubling is that despite their claim of a computer glitch, Starbucks has revealed these new prices will now be permanent. No logical reasoning has been given as to why they are keeping these high prices. The unexpected decision will certainly cause customer backlash on Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets. The official date for the price-hike changes to take place will be this coming July 12.

Will you continue to purchase Starbucks products if they continue this conniving pursuit to fool their customers over price changes?


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