Courts Permit Man to Pay Alimony with Food… Wife is PISSED!

Divorce can be complicated, and every situation can be different. And in many cases the courts must step in to help settle who gets what, and who pays what to whom each month (alimony). Ask any person who has to pay alimony and they’ll likely tell you it’s no piece of cake, although one guy can now say it’s a piece of pizza.

The ‘Il Gazetto’ newspaper of Italy reported a court in Padua has ruled in favor of a divorced father paying alimony to his ex-wife in the form of pizza. Around  €300 (U.S. conversion, $334) worth of the saucy and cheesy dish was granted as a form of payment of child support to the couple’s shared daughter by judge Chiara Bitozzi.

The ex-wife of the professional pizza chef is not happy to say the least. She attempted to fight back the form of payment as non-payment of child support, but was unsuccessful due to the chef not earning enough income to make the full payment. The pizza will remain as a culinary alternative for the alimony.


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