Murder By Illegal Aliens is HORRIFIC

Illegal Crime_beat farmer

Two illegal aliens, Reinol Vergara, 36, and Edson Benitez Carver, 30, were each sentenced on Friday to each spend 37 years in U.S. prison for murdering a 90-year-old Minnesota farmer, Earl Olander, last April.

In 2014, Olander had hired Vergara to paint his house. Vergara repaid the kindness by coming back on April 8, 2015 with duct tape and a shotgun and an accomplice, to rob the farmer and beat him to death.

Olander was found dead in his home with four blunt force trauma wounds to his body, and bound by duct tape around his hands and ankles.

“And for what? What was the point of murdering a great guy who never hurt a soul?” family member Craig Rothfusz said.

Before each of their sentencings, both men apologized to the family and friends of Olander.

According to the prosecutor, it’s “likely” they will both be deported once they finish their sentences.


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