College Student Nearly Killed — Kidnapped for Days

University of Kansas student was lucky to be returned to her dorm alive.

Shane Allen, 30, picked up a 20-year-old University of Kansas Student at her sorority house on April 12 for a date, but he didn’t bring her back home until six days later.  She had been abused, beaten, with severe bruising over much of her body, and had broken blood vessels in both of her eyes, court documents show.

KHSB News reports they had met through the Tinder online dating app, and had spent one night together prior to the abuse incident.   The victim’s name has not been released to protect her privacy.

Allen is currently being held in the Douglas County Jail and is facing five felony charges.  He was to appear in court Wednesday.

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KHSB interviewed several students on campus about Tinder, and learned many people use it, especially on campus.   “That’s how you meet people and see what’s going around,” said one student.

Another student had wise advice:  “I think people forget about stranger danger and you feel like you know someone because you talk to them on Tinder, but they are still a stranger.”


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