Thousands of People Peacefully Honor Slain Officer in This State

In a world where riots will rage in Milwaukee over perceived “systemic racism” following an African American officer killing an African American man on the run from the law, it’s nice to know there are still citizens out there who will peacefully unite over the unjust death of a slain police officer.

In Hatch, New Mexico, thousands of people turned out to honor slain Police Officer Jose Chavez. Chavez was killed on Friday afternoon during a traffic stop. The small-town officer was shot point-blank as he calmly approached the passenger window of a vehicle carrying two men from Ohio, who are allegedly wanted for murder.

His flag-draped coffin was transported from Albuquerque to his hometown of Las Cruces. A large motorcade of police officers from across the state and country, as well as countless family members, friends, and plain old good citizens, joined in a 225-mile journey to take the fallen officer home for the last time.


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