Trainer Attacked By Tiger Caught On Video


The lead trainer and owner of “Pages White Tigers Show” was hospitalized on Tuesday after being attacked by one of the tigers in the show.

According to Don Frenkel, general manager of the Pensacola Interstate Fair, Vicenta Pages was rushed to the hospital to have surgery and stitches for a three inch cut on her knee and a laceration on her ankle.

Fair officials said the attack happened during a private performance for a class on a school field trip.

David Donnert, Pages’ fiance and co-owner of the show said the following about the attack:

“We’re dealing with wild animals here and although we take every precaution, accidents like this sometimes happen. We know the hazards of our job, but we love these beautiful animals and Vicenta will be back as soon as she’s able.”

The tiger show has since been cancelled for the remained of the fair.


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