Tim Kaine Gets Slammed Over Clinton Email Lies

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Martha Raddatz of ABC interviewed Democratic VP candidate Tim Kaine Sunday over the FBI’s newly released documents on Hillary Clinton’s emails, and she would not let him off the hot seat.

Raddatz pointed out to Kaine that the FBI said Clinton didn’t understand classification markings, relying on her staff to tell her what was classified.  To top it off, archived emails were deleted after a congressional committee requested them.   She asked Kaine, don’t the American people deserve a better explanation?

Kaine claims that the reason the “materials” were being made public is because Hillary Clinton said she wanted the public to see them.

Kaine said Hillary “did make a mistake – she made it by deciding to use one device rather than multiple devices.”  He claimed that Hillary has apologized and learned from her mistake.

The FBI documents actually revealed that at least 13 different mobile devices were used, plus two iPads, and that a Clinton staffer admitted destroying two mobile devices by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.  None of the devices were turned over in response to the FBI’s request.

Kaine then tried to change the subject, with the claim that Trump won’t even let Americans see his tax returns.

Raddatz brought him right back to Clinton’s emails, saying this IS an issue that Americans care about and that 66% of Americans don’t trust her because of this issue.

Kaine again tried to veer to Trump.   Again, Raddatz wouldn’t let him, going back to Hillary.

A third time he veered over to Trump, and tried to blame Trump for encouraging Russia to hack into Hillary’s emails and the DNC.

Again and again, Raddatz went right back to grilling Kaine on Hillary’s emails – every time Kaine tried to get away, she pounced again.



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