Tim Tebow’s New Sporting Venture May Surprise You…

With his NFL career stalled,the former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Tim Tebow is making his latest move back to professional sports on Tuesday.

His next venture will be baseball. Tebow excelled at the sport in high school, and will prove his skills by showcasing for Major League Baseball teams on August 30 in Los Angeles. In his junior  year at Nease High School in 2005, he hit .494 with four home runs and 30 RBIs to help his team reach state semifinals. His senior year, however, he dedicated his focus to football full time.

Chad Moeller has been working with Tebow to help prepare him for a baseball career. While he is confident in Tebow’s ability, he told USA Today that the former NFL player is very realistic about the possible outcomes.

Moller told reporters:

“That’s still two years of minor league baseball. That’s buses, or really bad flights, and not making close to what he’s making probably taking much better flights talking to people or doing TV or whatever. It’s a big, big difference. And so he knows those things. This is open and out front. Now, do I think a team is going to send him to rookie ball? No. You’re taking a 28-year-old. You know what you’re getting. It’s either going to work or it’s not, and it’s going to have to be fast-tracked.”


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