A small Canadian town left reeling after the tragic deaths of 15 people has led to the creation of a makeshift memorial in the hockey arena where many of the deceased played.

The devastating crash took place on Friday when a bus carrying the town’s junior hockey team collided with a semi-truck The team was on their way to a playoff game.

There were 29 people on board the bus, including the driver.

On Sunday, friends, relatives and those that housed members of a youth hockey team gathered to mourn the 15 people who lost their lives.

The Associated Press reportsResidents of this town of less than 6,000 have been leaving flowers, team jerseys and personal tributes on the steps of the arena’s entrance, forming a makeshift memorial. One tribute included a Kraft macaroni and cheese dinner box, which was a favorite meal of deceased forward Evan Thomas. A bouquet of pink roses adorned the box, which read “to Evan, game day special, love your billet brother and sister Colten and Shelby.”

While most of the players were from elsewhere in western Canada, they were put up by families in the small town of Humboldt. Billeting families are a large part of junior hockey, with players spending years with host families.

The report continues: A vigil will be held on the hockey team’s home ice on Sunday night, and a makeshift stage and hundreds of chairs sit ready for the memorial. The home page of the team’s website had been replaced with a silhouette of a man praying beneath the Broncos’ logo of a mustang.

The Associate Press alos reports: Canadian police said the truck driver, who was not hurt, was initially detained but has since been released and provided with mental health assistance. Royal Canadian Mounted Police Assistant Commissioner Curtis Zablocki said it’s too early to state a cause for the crash.

Photographs of the wreckage showed the twisted trailer with most of its wheels in the air and the bus on its side with its back portion destroyed. The force of the crash sent both vehicles into the ditch at the northwest corner of the intersection.


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