Black Female Judge Scolds Juveniles in Court (video)


“Jail or a body bag… what do you want?”

A video of a Georgia judge laying the law down to a group of young people in court has had far-reaching impacts.  Bibb county Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin spoke to the youth as a volunteer with Bibb County Sheriff’s Department’s “Consider the Consequences” program, intended to show young people where they are headed if they continue in crime.

In her speech, Judge Colvin showed the young people two options of where they were headed – prison or a body bag.

“Care about your future! Be somebody! It doesn’t take anybody to be nothing!”

“Young ladies,” she says, “Has anyone ever told you before that you’re special, you’re uniquely made – stop acting like you’re trash!”


Interviewed afterwards, Colvin said she didn’t know the cameras were rolling, but she’s glad it was recorded.   Her video has gone viral, and she hopes it can continue to change young people’s lives.

“For some reason there was a decision to tape it and I have to think it was predestined because I didn’t plan it. … I wanted to speak to their hearts and that’s what I did. … I am shocked that it has gone that far … I’m continually amazed because it renews what I’ve always thought – at the end of the day, everybody really cares about everybody else.”

If her first video can impact youth across the nation, this second interview with Judge Colvin is equally motivating to encourage others to reach out and make a difference.



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