Transgender Rights Expanding to New Frontier: College Dorms

Obama’s executive decree issued in May, commanding that students must be allowed to use the restrooms and locker facilities that match their gender identities, has opened up an endless list of situations where the LGBT community can demand special accommodations.  It doesn’t stop at bathrooms.

The decree mandates that federal law protects transgender students’ right to live in housing that reflects their chosen gender identity, and any school who fails to provide such housing could lose federal funding and face lawsuits.   Although many universities had already begun to offer “gender-inclusive housing”, many had not, and therefore, will need to face the additional expense of implementing government-approved facilities.

Reuters reports that few students are actually choosing the gender-inclusive housing options.   Last year, at the Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus, only 42 out of approximately 4,100 students requested it.

Some college officials who were interview by Reuters say they have no plans to phase out the traditional gender-segregated housing, claiming it will be kept for those will still prefer it.


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