Trespassers at Area 51 Get Unexpected, Hostile Greeting

A duo of adventure bikers discovered a secret back gate to Area 51 in Nevada, and then received an unwelcoming surprise. Out of nowhere, two camouflaged men with high powered guns pull up in a pickup truck on the prohibited dirt road and demand the bikers put their hands up. In fact, the men told them to “get your f***ing hands up” and “get the f*** outta here!”

The bikers are frisked by the camo-cladded men, but no weaponry is found on them. “We are going to give you guys a chance. You turn around and get the f*** outta here,” said the taller bald man in the video. Accordingly, they are warned that if they are found in Lincoln County again, the county that houses Area 51, they will be fined $750 minimum.

Area 51, located in a remote corner of Nevada, has been theorized by conspiracy radicals to be a warehouse for UFO technology. The supposed coverup is that its a training facility for aircrafts like the U2 and SR-71, and the US Air Force’s stealth bombers.

The video from the helmet camera was published on YouTube yesterday and has already got 10,000 views with many viewers seeing it as proof that the government has something to hide at Area 51. You can view the video and pictures below:






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