Is Trump Acting Modern Day Presidential?

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Written by DML
“My use of social media is not Presidential – it’s MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL. Make America Great Again!”  Those are the words tweeted by President Trump on Saturday.

His tweet inspired DML readers to send in more emails to me than usual.  I received everything from “I love his tweets”, to “we are screwed”, to “it’s not the use of twitter that bothers me, it’s what he tweets.”

As most of my readers know, I no longer opine about the actual tweets from the president.  Team DML reports on them as they happen, but we will not opine.  We’ll leave that to our loyal supporters.

Here are two emails which tell two different stories received by me yesterday:

DML, I find myself slowly sliding into a depression about where this presidency is heading.  Trump diehards are not the majority. The majority of Americans don’t understand the term mainstream media.  The majority watch their local news of don’t get bogged down in politics. The true Trump diehards will defend the president’s tweets no matter what is in the message.   I work in an office with 47 people.  There are 5 Trump diehards… I am one of them.   There are 4 Bernie / Hillary types.  The rest are everyday people who are more concerned about their healthcare, school system, traffic getting to and from work, wage growth, and vacation time.  Many of them voted for Trump and they are starting to complain about his tweeting taking all the air out of his presidency.  The results Trump has delivered in the first six months are small in their opinion.  I am a diehard, but I agree with them about his tweets.  So much focus is given to nonsense and I’m thinking if it continues, which he says it will, the Dems will eventually regain the White House and DC.

Mr. Lynch, I do hope you feel better soon.    I want to share with you why Trump tweets the off-color tweets about people in the media.  Trump believes the media is part of the swamp.  He vowed to drain the swamp and in doing so he must expose the media for the disaster it currently is.  My hope is he continues because sooner of later everyone will realize what he’s doing and the media will have to change their ways or they’ll lose all credibility.  #MAGA

Although I will not opine about President Trump’s tweets themselves, I will share my opinion about what is, and what is not “Modern Day Presidential.”

There is no doubt we live in a new era where social media plays an incredible role in shaping what is reported in the news, and how a message can get out to the masses.  But social media isn’t the message.  It’s a conduit for a message.  For example, the invention of the phone wasn’t “Modern Day Presidential.”

Prior to the telephone, messages were written on paper and delivered via horseback, telegraph or snail mail.  Then came in the phone and presto, messages could be delivered in real time, person to person.   Although the phone streamlined the message being delivered, the phone wasn’t “the message.”

Using social media is a new platform that every president will use in the years to come.  President Obama used social media and it did wonders for him to get out his message.   NOTE: Obama has far more followers than Trump. Currently, Trump has 33M Twitter followers.  Obama has 91M.
I don’t think media outlets and people like Jenny and her co-workers are shocked or disappointed with Trump’s use of Twitter.  I think they are shocked and disappointed by the message being conveyed.

For example, the message the president put out about Mika at MSNBC would be the same whether it was written in a tweet, said on TV, voiced over the telephone, or printed in a letter.

Trump’s tweets are often left open ended.  Therefore, I will not make the mistake of defining what he meant by Modern Day Presidential.  But when he writes in his tweet, “My use of social media is not presidential…”, in my opinion Trump is repeating the words of his critics who say the president’s messages about Mika, etc, are not presidential.

But Trump takes his critic’s message and repurposes it completely with his follow up… “it’s Modern Day Presidential.”

Only an absolute fool doesn’t recognize the power of social media, and so although I do not like the biased news reporting by the MSM, especially CNN, I do not think they are so stupid to think a president will not use social media.  Therefore, when they say Trump is “not presidential,” I do not think they are referring to his use of social media.   I think it’s the message being conveyed within the tweets.   That said, if I am incorrect, and if the “Mika tweet” is Trump being “Modern Day Presidential”,  then I think we’ll see candidates refer to the good ole’ days of messaging come 2020, and 2024.


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