Trump Already Using “Art of The Deal” Tactics With Foreign Leaders

Ezra Levant of conservative Canadian news outlet, The Rebel, has stated that Trump’s “zinger replies” to a Saudi prince just proves that “America made the right choice” in electing Donald Trump as the next President.

Levant’s news video released on Thursday highlighted a series of recent twitter exchanges between Saudi prince Al-Waleed Talal and Donald Trump.

The Saudis have donated millions of dollars to both the Clinton Foundation and to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.   But they won’t own Donald Trump, Levant said, noting how Trump didn’t take the insults lying down.

Watch the video to see how Trump dealt with the Saudi prince’s insults in the Twitter exchange – and don’t miss the last one below the video, which the Saudi prince posted after Trump won the election!


The Prince’s tone suddenly changed after Trump won the election:



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