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A new report has revealed that both Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen for the Trump administration and Jeh Johnson, former President Obama’s top Homeland official, will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee Wednesday.

The two are expected to detail issues with foreign meddling in previous U.S. elections, and how to thwart its spread from happening again in future election.

The Associated Press reports the following:

“WASHINGTON (AP) — Senators are expected to press Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on the department’s efforts to secure state election systems as the Senate Intelligence Committee launches an effort to safeguard against foreign meddling in this year’s elections.

Nielsen will testify Wednesday along with Jeh Johnson, who was President Barack Obama’s head of Homeland Security when Russian agents targeted election systems in 21 states ahead of the 2016 general election. Senators on the panel have criticized both administrations for not moving quickly enough to stem the Russian threat.

The hearing follows a Tuesday news conference in which committee members from both parties said government efforts to protect state and local elections from Russian cyberattacks haven’t gone far enough. Federal warnings last time did not provide enough information or in some cases go to the right people, the senators said, though they reiterated that there was no evidence votes were changed.

Top U.S. intelligence officials have said they’ve seen indications Russian agents are preparing a new round of election interference this year.

The committee is recommending that states make sure voting machines have paper audit trails and aren’t capable of being connected to the internet. Senators also are pushing for better communication among the various U.S. intelligence agencies and federal, state and local governments about cyber threats and vulnerabilities in computer systems.”

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