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President Trump’s legal team talked up on Saturday a massive lawsuit to be filed in federal court focused on an alleged fraud scheme involving Georgia and electronic voting machines.

Jordan Sekulow and Sidney Powell appeared on Newsmax, a news network that has strives to set itself apart by not calling the 2020 race for President-elect Joe Biden, to tease what is next for the Trump team that has faced repeated setbacks in battleground state lawsuits.

The article goes on to state the following:

“I can’t tell you right now what is coming in Georgia, but what is coming in Georgia will be shocking,” Sekulow said in his interview.

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  1. I hope and think they should prosecute Brad Raffensperger for getting together with Abrams and illegally changing the voting rules/laws! That’s a huge part of this whole problem here in Ga!!! That dickhead needs to go DOWN!!!

  2. When I read these articles, I think there’s no way he can lose. Next article will say dismissed. You honestly don’t know what to think or believe. It’s evident the votes were tampered with, but I think leftists have done their homework and have made deals to prevail. Very scary this can happen with millions watching.

  3. Sidney Powell and Jordan Sekulow need to bring it ! GA governor should have fired some people but he went right along with the fraud knowing this will destroy our country and end belief in possibility of fair future elections. Actions speak louder than words, his loyalty certainly does not appear to be with President Trump nor the American people, and I do mean the true Americans that do not want socialism. Kemp will now try to make it appear he did what he could by leaving the door open for more action to be taken. This is his kiss and make up attempt with GA voters now that he officially betrayed them ..only a fool will fall for it. Those elected officials who didn’t raise hell will be coming out pathetically stating they knew something was off, of course they will wait until it’s too late to help President Trump. Everyone of those Anti American Communists need to be voted out…. oh wait they fixed it so they can’t be … silly me. Kemp will know betrayal as loyalty to communists is never a safe bet, payoffs must be profitable or could there be an investment in dominion that hasn’t been disclosed yet .. hmmm God Bless our great President Trump and his fierce legal team !

  4. Follow the Money Trail! God Bless President Trump any other President would of backed down by now. One thing about President Trump he can’t be bought and he really Loves America! All of them should be Hung for Treason I can’t wait to see Hillary Obama and the rest of them in an Orange jumpsuits. Never give up real Americans stand behind our President!


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