Trump Calls For State Dept Official To Resign for Trying To Buy Off FBI


State Department Undersecretary Patrick Kennedy got caught proposing to give more funding to the FBI in exchange for hiding just one email.

Now Republican nominee Donald Trump is demanding Kennedy’s resignation.

A newly released FBI file revealed how Kennedy discussed a “quid pro quo” in exchange for declassifying one email related to the Benghazi attack.  He wanted the FBI to permit him to change the classification of the email – which would allow him to take advantage of the loophole in the Freedom of Information Act, so the email would not have to be turned over.

According to the FBI document, Kennedy wanted to classify the document as “B9”, stating this would allow him to “archive the document in the basement of the Department of State, never to be seen again.”

In exchange, Kennedy suggested approving the FBI’s request for more personnel funding.

The FBI denied Kennedy’s request.

During his speech in Green Bay, Wisconsin Monday, Trump slammed him hard, saying, “Kennedy illegally pressured the FBI to un-classify emails from Hillary’s illegal server.  That’s a lot of illegality in that one statement!”

“In other words, the State Department was trying to cover up Hillary’s crimes of sending classified information on a server our enemies could easily access, by trying to reverse the classification,” Trump said.

Trump said, “This is felony corruption by any standard. Undersecretary Kennedy NEEDS TO RESIGN.”

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