Trump Campaign Launched In Israel

Republican activists are campaigning hard for Donald Trump in Israel – home to thousands of American citizens from key battleground states.

Leading the campaign is Marc Zell, Chair of Republicans in Israel.   Zell explained, “There are 300,000 to 400,000 potential votes in Israel, and many of them are coming from the key battleground states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. These are states with large Jewish populations, where the Jewish vote matters. We estimate there might be 10 to 12 thousand votes from Florida alone here.”

He reminded potential voters that in the 2000 election George Bush beat Al Gore by only a few hundred votes – and said 1,500 votes came from Israel.  “If they hadn’t voted, Bush wouldn’t have been President. Your vote really counts.”

Zell said in the last presidential election, about 100,000 Israelis voted, with 85 percent voting Republican.  They are on a mission to tap into the larger base of Americans in Israel, especially those who haven’t voted before.

“We want to convince them, through our campaign, that it is important for them to vote, that they are doing a service for Israel, kind of like doing (military) reserve duty from their own home by voting for the Republican candidate who’s really got Israel’s interest at heart,” he said.




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