Trump Fans Being Suppressed at University

University of Pittsburgh students who are Donald Trump supporters are facing impending antagonism from liberal anti-Trump peers and faculty. Recently, a Trump campaign table manned by Republicans students was tossed by an aggressive student who hated Trump. Opposition escalated on Monday as more anti-Trump students began to berate pro-Trump students. Their actions were captured on cellphone video.

“I felt unsafe when there was a hoard of people clapping and cheering along with this girl screaming at me for being a woman behind a Trump table,” senior year student Lindsey Hern told the Pitt Maverick, in reference to an event where another female student screamed at her, “How can you be a woman and support Trump?” Hern immediately contacted campus police.

“It was as if … I don’t have the choice to choose who I support for president and have to succumb to some mold,” Hern continued. “I was horrified and scared for my safety because of my views.”

“I personally don’t fear for my safety,” an anonymous student told the paper, claiming he’s afraid for women on campus who support Trump.. “I’m a big guy and can protect myself. But for a girl with a Trump hat on, I certainly would be fearful on this campus.”

In the video, anti-Trump students can be heard chanting “F*** Trump, and f*** your racist asses!,” “You’re all racists and fascists!,” “Can I shoot them first?,” “[Trump supporters] have no place in America,” “you’re voting for a racist child molester,” and handed out to pro-Trump students the middle finger.

The video can be watched below:

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