Trump to give commencement speech at U.S. university

In May, President Trump will give his first commencement speech at a university. The venue will be held at Liberty University in Virginia, known as the self-proclaimed “largest Christian university in the world.”

The last sitting U.S. president to give a commencement speech at Liberty University was former President George H.W. Bush in 1990.

In a statement to The Brody File, Trump said:

“I look forward to speaking to this amazing group of students on such a momentous occasion. Our children truly are the future and I look forward to celebrating the success of this graduating class, as well as sharing lessons, as they embark on their next chapter full of hope, faith, optimism, and a passion for life.”

Trump has given speeches at Liberty University before, both in 2012 and in early 2016. Liberty University president, Jerry Falwell Jr., an ally of Trump’s, described the president as a “champion of the average American citizen.”

H/T: The Hill


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