Trump Goes on Twitter Storm: Business

Written by Dennis Michael Lynch

President-elect Trump is being ripped apart by the liberal media, Democrats, and Sarah Palin, for striking a deal with Carrier to keep their Indiana facility humming instead of moving to Mexico.

Bernie Sanders and Sarah Palin are both claiming that Trump is conducting the sort of back room deals that fuel “crony capitalism.”  In short, they believe Trump is offering a special deal to one company only, and not extending it to other companies.  Or in other words, he is cutting deals with his buddies and leaving the little business guy behind.

These claims are completely unfounded as we do not know the structure of the deal in full, and we have no idea whether or not the structure of such a deal will be extended to all companies in the US.  While we wait and see how things develop, President-elect Trump sent out a furry of tweets on Sunday regrading the way in which he intends to convince businesses to remain in the U.S.


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