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President Donald Trump has finished 2017 earning the title of ‘Pro-Life Person of the Year,’ according to a pro-life group in the U.S.

The group, known as Operation Rescue, honored Trump for his pro-life achievements and goals since taking office earlier last January.

Breitbart reports the following:

““Since Trump took office, he has accomplished more for the pro-life agenda than any other president,” according to Operation Rescue, one of the most visible and effective pro-life activist groups in the country.

Operation Rescue gives its annual Malachi Award “to recognize individuals who sacrificially work to advance the cause of protecting the pre-born,” their website states.

The group’s president, Troy Newman, had high praise for Mr. Trump, announcing that he “has proven to be the most pro-life president we have had in modern history and has backed up his pro-life rhetoric with action like no other before him.””

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