Trump Impeachment Talks Already

A senior editor for The Atlantic, is already talking possible impeachment for President-elect Donald Trump, even before he takes office.

Breitbart  reports that David Frum, is concerned about Trump’s conflict of interest that are, according to Frum, “abuses of power” problems, which may set Trump up for an impeachment.

Frum, in a live interview on CNN, says “We don’t have an adequate mechanism for policing conflicts of interest.” Frum goes on to attacks Trump for not disclosing his taxes.

Jeffrey Lord, a CNN commentator, goes back at Frum calling this absurd attack, the “New Version of the Never Trumpers”. Lord cites how several other president’s have had businesses, including Kennedy, and have had family members in the administration.

Frum responds with,“The thing here is not to be considered so much just with the conflict of interests. We have actual abuses [of power], and there are prophylactics we can take that will protect this president from the impeachment to which he may be driving himself”.


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