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Yesterday, Donald Trump revealed to the AP that he has narrowed down his list of running mates to 5 or 6 and that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was being considered.  He also said his list includes experienced politicians and listed the reasons why he wants a politician.   But according to a reporter with Newsmax, a Trump insider has revealed the name that sits on the top of Trump’s list.

From Newsmax reporter, John Gizzi
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is now the leading candidate to be tapped by Donald Trump as his running mate, a close confidante of Trump tells Newsmax.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 8.20.56 AMTrump has tapped former presidential contender Ben Carson to help pick his running mate.  Carson said Tuesday that he is stepping down from that post to focus on the Thursday meeting between Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump also announced this week that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will head his transition team.

Trump is said to favor Gingrich for several reasons.

Gizzi goes on to mention how Trump sees Gingrich as a guy who can show him how the legislative process works on Capital Hill.  Plus, Newt has been vetted inside and out, and he is a great debater.

Trump has said often that he personally likes Newt, unlike Ohio Gov. John Kasich who Trump finds to be “kind of quirky”.

Gizzi claims he queried Gingrich if he has been in discussions with the Trump campaign about the VP slot.

He offered a one-word email reply: “No.”

Dennis Michael Lynch offers opinion as to why Newt is the wrong guy for VP.


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