Trump lawyer makes statement about Trump’s knowledge of more Russian meetings

Jay Sekulow, a member of Trump’s legal team, told CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday that Trump “knows of no other meetings between his campaign staff and Russians.”

“Obviously the president has been very clear on that,” Sekulow said. “He said he has had no meetings, was aware of no meetings with Russians, was not aware of this one until really right before it all broke.”

Sekulow defended President Trump throughout Sunday morning, after it was revealed this week that three high level members of his campaign staff met with a Russian lawyer in June of 2016.

Sekulow did leave unanswered the question of other meetings with Russians by members of Trump’s campaign staff.

“Not that I know of, ” he said when asked if other private discussions have yet to be disclosed. “But Donald Trump Jr. said not in the context of formal meetings. He said he may have met with Russian people. A lot of people meet with Russian people, so thats not unusual.”

Sekulow did reiterate that Trump had no knowledge of Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with several Russian officials, and that he has been given no information suggesting he knew about any other meetings

“The president was not aware about this meeting, did not participate in this meeting,” Sekulow said. “As far as other meetings go, look, the president has said that he was not aware of it, wasn’t involved in it. And there’s been no indication otherwise.”

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