Trump 95

Ever since riding the escalator down to the atrium in Trump Towers to announce his candidacy, Donald Trump has proudly touted how he is using his own money to fund his campaign.  He has used this fact as a weapon to denounce his competitors who rely on special interest money to fund their campaigns. But now that Trump is the only man left standing, he is calling upon donors to help fund the general election.

The billionaire real estate mogul recently hired a national finance chairman,  has scheduled his first fundraiser, and is about to enter a deal with the Republican Party that would enable him to call for donations of more than $300,000 apiece from supporters.

A general election campaign can easily run up a $1 billion tab. For the primary race, Trump spent a tiny fraction of that amount — he’s estimated $50 million of his own money, plus about $12 million from donors who sought his campaign out on their own.

According to the AP, Trump’s new national finance chairman said prospective donors are “coming out of the woodwork” and he’s been fielding emails and phone calls from people he hasn’t heard from in 20 years. “To me this is no different than building a business, and this is a business with a fabulous product: Donald Trump.”

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