Trump Moves Forward On Indonesian Business Projects

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President-elect Donald Trump has business projects that are still pending in Indonesia.  The New York Times reports both of the projects are large resorts.

Trump vowed to make “no new deals” while in office, but some critics are concerned with several projects he currently has pending in Indonesia. “Conflict of interest” is said to be the biggest concern with the deals; however, The New York Times also reported that Trump has relationships with people in Indonesia that could be tarnished if he does not move forward with the deals.


According to the Times, one of the men he has been working with in regards to the project is Hary Tanoesoedidjo, a former political candidate.

“You could have two world leaders that are business partners,” Richard W. Painter, a White House ethics lawyer under former President George W. Bush, told the Times. “It makes it almost impossible to conduct diplomacy in an evenhanded manner.”

Trump has said his sons will be taking over his business, which would include these deals, when he is sworn in on January 20th.  The Times reports construction has not begun on either of the projects.

H/T: The Hill


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